Inside Stone è il brand che rappresenta le eccellenze del settore della pietra, del marmo e affini, e che è anche una società di consulenza e servizi capace di guidare, consigliare e assistere il committente in diverse attività nel campo dell’architettura, delle forniture e dell’interior design. 

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Stone speaks the language of art and beauty.

Furnishing accessories, ready or to be realized, for interiors and exteriors of residences, hotels, offices, studios, art galleries. Made with the most modern technologies and the irreplaceable manual skill of the master craftsmen, they share a specific feature: each piece is unique.

It starts from the design to get to the finished product, that slides between geometries, roundness and regularity of the shapes. Inside follows customers and designers throughout the production process – from the engineering project, to the choice of the most suitable material, to the definition of details and finishes.
Each object is conceived down to the smallest detail, the bespoke production is performed meticulously. Technicians and craftsmen trace the path for the transformation of an idea, a sketch or a plan, into an absolutely customized piece of furniture.

Thanks to the taste and talent of designers, creatives and sculptors, each product tells a story made of beauty and passion, made even more lively and suggestive by the textured effect of stone, marble, granite, onyx.
A creative blend that lends character to objects, all to be displayed, always balancing between chaos and perfection, between the unpredictability of natural matter and the reasons of compositional form.


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