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Continuous Surfaces

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Design and working advise, prompt and highly reliable, will bring at the designer’s office or the company’s headquarters, the contemporary beauty of continuous surfaces.
Wear resistance, with values of 9/10 on theMohs’ scale of mineral hardness, and a thickness down to 3 mm – the continuous surfaces are an increasing passion in architects’ and interior designers’ world.
Various effects and finishes make this solution ideal for commercial activities, still it has recently become increasingly popular also for contemporary dwellings with an industrial flavour.
Whether of plain concrete or mixed with marble aggregates, as in the “Venetian Terrazzo”, the complete absence of grout lines lends a feeling of amplitude, continuity, linearity and visual cleanliness, rendering an exciting environment. The overlapping of different contrasting shades, allows the production of an extremely wide variety of effects and very particular colours, for a powerful aesthetic impact, suitable for infinite settings.
The choice of a single-component floor or wall covering should not frighten the most demanding: a highly professional service pledges the possibility to customize the surfaces according to your wishes and demands.
Continuous surfaces are a recurring choice for the sense of expansion that they give to the space; therefore, perfectly suited for large surfaces, and able to enhance the value even of the smallest rooms.
Continuous surfaces are ideal for conveying the sense of continuity, both between indoor rooms, and between indoor and outdoor space: in fact, specific treatments for water-, wear-, chemicals and UV rays resistance, make it absolutely suitable even for exterior.
As in great architectures, the continuous surface will bring a touch of style into your home, shop or office, lending a unique atmosphere, for you and your guests.


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