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Handmade Terracotta

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Through a planning and technical advice service, prompt and highly reliable, the craftsmanship of handmade terracotta reaches out to the designer’s studio or to the company’s office.
The real terracotta of Castel Viscardo, that holds passion and innovation, will “dress” unlimited shapes and finishes, making your design unique. Skilful craftsmanship allows the creation of bespoke pieces, prototypes and reproductions: unique works with a flexible style that suits amazingly to modern, classic or rustic environments.

The long Italian tradition of handmade terracotta

A workshop that dreams of keeping alive the ancient traditions of the artisan fathers, of its history and of its land, without losing sight of a healthy and modern life style. A specific treatment and the cooking of the clay produce high quality handmade terracotta, a material that gives each home an absolutely unique charm. From floors to roofs and attics, from masonry details to glazed terracotta claddings, to classic and modern furnishings.

Indoor and outdoor Terracotta flooring

The typical nuances of wood firing (clay from own quarry), the irregular surface, natural and pleasant to the touch, lend a warm and welcoming flair to interior spaces, both aesthetically and functionally.
Firing for about 30 hours at 1000°C makes the brick resistant to very low temperatures (frost resistance) and therefore suitable for outdoor claddings and floorings. The work is completed by the characteristic handcrafted trait and the sandblasting, which make naturally non-slip surfaces.
Five finishes options for terracotta floors, a chromatic scale of warm shades (tending towards pink or yellow) and several shapes and sizes: square, rectangular, hexagonal…

Roofs and tiles: protection and design

The warm color of handmade terracotta and the variety of the shapes have always made the tiled roof a construction element full of charm, character and history. A quality and durable clay-brick that guarantees a functional, natural and fascinating protective layer. The terracotta tiles, available in different sizes, are hand-printed with procedures dating back to ancient production techniques.
The handmade terracotta brick gives charm and protection also to the attic: the purity and hardness of our clay combined with wood firing, allows the production of hollow tiles with dimensions that go well beyond the classic “mezzana” (half-size tile).

Glazed terracotta: color and light

A kaleidoscope of glossy and matt colors, a wide offer of sizes, colors and shades that can be customized to fully satisfy every need: hand-glazed terracotta finds its ideal setting in bathroom and kitchen coverings, where it can be easily combined with accessories (such as terracotta bowl washbasins) of the same or contrasting color.
The hand-decorated tiles collection, particularly appreciated for its uniqueness, features classic and modern designs, simple or more elaborated, to blend in perfectly with the style of your rooms.



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