Inside Stone è il brand che rappresenta le eccellenze del settore della pietra, del marmo e affini, e che è anche una società di consulenza e servizi capace di guidare, consigliare e assistere il committente in diverse attività nel campo dell’architettura, delle forniture e dell’interior design. 

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Marbles and granites

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Marbles and granites


An always available support service, to consider and choose the best solution, providing a large number of materials and finishing options. At the designer’s office or at the company’s headquarters, expertise and services for the development of indoor and outdoor designs, as well as for hotels, bar, restaurants, offices etc.
Long lasting tradition and experience entrusted to the best craftsmen, along with a wide selection of marbles, granites and onyxes from all over the world, to satisfy every request, according to the customers’ and designers’ taste and flair.
Attention to detail and care for production, always performed with cutting-edge machinery controlled by specialized personnel, that give way to the expert hands of artisans and sculptors for the creation of special finishes and details.
CNC (Computer Numerical Control) with 4 and 5 axes, cutters, lathes, water-jet and laser pantograph, capable of engraving and reproducing images on stone surfaces.


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  • Indoor and outdoor furniture
  • Measure survey
  • Assembly and installation
  • Polishing
  • Restoration
  • Antacid treatments for marble
  • Transport and deliveries
  • After-sales maintenance
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