Inside Stone è il brand che rappresenta le eccellenze del settore della pietra, del marmo e affini, e che è anche una società di consulenza e servizi capace di guidare, consigliare e assistere il committente in diverse attività nel campo dell’architettura, delle forniture e dell’interior design. 

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The art of mosaic for a tradition that comes from afar …


Stepping on a floor that looks like being built over two hundred years ago, with the same love but with completely new techniques and styles …

Red Mosaic, the Atelier for handicraft production of mosaics was born from the union of experiences and artistic sensibilities, for craftsmanship, for workshops where time is beaten by ritual actions, some still the same, handed down from master to student, where the work springs from an emotion, from a design and from craft skills.

Frequently working in synergy with other craftsmen and designers, Red Mosaic often experiments alternative solutions by combining different manufacturing techniques to give life to works with a modern and current aesthetic taste.

The artistic sensitivity and the knowledge of materials shape into works the sketches of contemporary designers, architects and artists.

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